Brief Presentation

1. The past 30 years my studies have been in the field of social sciences. My research includes; History, Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics and Politics. Driven by curiosity, my inquiries began at a young age exploring the wonderful complexity of Universal creation: A beautifully intriguing place filled with the magic and mystery of life which still remains a great mystery to us. From the dawn of Creation to the age of discovery, humanity’s curiosity has been to explore the great secrets to the Universe and we have not run out of ideas.

2. However, we have over-stepped the boundaries of science and now we live in a figment of the imagination, lost in the misconception of: Black Holes, Dark Force, Dark Matter, Anti Matter, Multiple Universes, 12 Dimensional Universe, Super String, Singularity, Big Bang and so on. In brief; we have disillusioned ourselves from the realm of scientific reality. In my opinion and respectfully these ideas are non scientific.

3. If we are to conclude, who or what created the Universe, common reasoning would tell us; what to look for. That is to simply explain: How the Atomic structure evolved into physical existence. The atom is the minute block which formulates the composition of all matter and is identified as being the smallest unit of Energy that makes up ‘The 3 Dimensional Universe’. Therefore a first clue associating Atoms with the term Energy.

4. In further exploring the great mystery to the Universe, we also need to apply the rules of philosophy which state: By a method of careful observation, it is the ideology of scientific philosophy that allows us to gain insight into the inner-working Dimensions of Universal awareness. At the same time taking nothing for granted, simply viewing things only as they are, in search for the truth of what is, while the answer remains elusive.

5. In brief; when the physical trail ends, new tools begin, using observation of the scientific mind, while remaining within realistic parameter of comprehensible science; by identifying only what is un-mistakably apparent and able to introduce the idea as physical evidence. This is the realm of scientific reality.

6. The common sense of this philosophical observation, now leads us to an obvious conclusion: That all complexity derives from basic rules of simplicity, and if anything governs the operational workings of the Universe. It could only be a source of Energy that is continuous and can be generated from anywhere in the Universe to effect the existence of the physical reality. This conclusion brings us to the term: Energy, which means and describes the nature of a force to do work.

7. By using philosophical observation combined with scientific understanding: The obvious clue is to identify the term Energy in comprehensible ways. Where common reasoning allows us to understand that all physical existence evolves from simple beginnings. In other words, by applying this philosophy to the simplicity of Universal Creation. Perhaps then, we could arrive to a realistic conclusion in better understanding of the term Energy.

8. However, in order to comprehend the Universal laws of complexity, it is by simplifying the formulated rules of mathematics. Where Albert Einstein’s equation E=mc² states: Energy possesses the properties of Mass. By exploring the philosophy of this equation, it leads us to the Question; what kind of Energy possesses the properties of Mass. Perhaps, this inquisitive question could identify where the material Universe came from. The answer is...

The Perpetually Working Equations Embracing: The Chemistry of Universal Mass Evolution two opposite structured
electro-elements: Pure Energy (+) and (-) 0°Kelvin Formulate into a 3rd State of Energy = The Atomic Structure

The Equation of Natural Physics, transforms through Electro-Field Compressions into; The Equation of Mass Energy using the negative (-) electro-structured Force of
0° Kelvin which initiates action: This mathematical phenomenon is expressed

Transforms into