Marks Jagg’s scientific studies have led to practical applications building prototype models in order to associate them with his scientific theories. He calls these models: “Instruments of Science and Inventions of Humanity”. These are just a few examples of his craftsmanship spanning 19 yrs of development which were designed and machined by Mark. His creative ingenuity began at an early age inspired by imagination.

His intension's are aimed in providing scientific evidence with his theories. They also represent his true nature and love of science. These are some of his remarkable inventions that will be released in the near future. Mark Jagg calls this machine ‘The Pride of Humanity’ and comments that it belongs in a Museum.


These are just a few drawings of many parts, which make up a complex machine that demonstrates Universal Principals at work. This machine was created using
"The Equation of Natural Physics". Mark Jagg calls this Machine;
"The Pride of Humanity"