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Written & Associated Scientific Works by Mark Jagg,

  • Universe Temperature = 0°KELVIN (-273°C / -459°F) Should extreme cold temperature be considered a Universal Force to do work (part 1).
  • Introduction to The Equation of Natural Physics, represents the two energy elements of Nature and the most common law of science; Energy in a pure state can not be created or destroyed, only transformed.

Unpublished works;

  • The Theory of Evolutionary Physics, represents the term Evolution & describes the Evolution of atomic physics...from simplicity to complexity.
  • The Theory of Natural Physics, explains how the Universe came into existence by natural laws from beginning to present.
  • ‘The Rule of Masses Theory’, explains the fundamental importance of The Electro-magnetic Spectrum.
  • The Laws of Equilibrium Theory, represents the forces of nature and the governing rule of spontaneous laws.

Other works are to follow. For more insite go to the Zero Kelvin page

Introduction to: The Equation of Natural Physics