Introduction to My Reform Proposals

The Economy:

1) Identify government overspending. 2) Introduce competitive bidding on every government contract. 3) Divide government contracts into % group shares-everyone getting a piece of the action. 4) Allow multiple companies to share and operate on the same projects. The Results of Economic Strategy = Lower bidding, Faster construction, Competitive labour and Lower costs.

Better Health Care:

1) Apply a “Computer Chip” to our Health Card System. 2) The new “Health Card Chip” would carry your medical history (by choice) and could be easily updated. 3) This information would be available at a moment’s notice in case of emergency. 4) Introduce “Medical Student Participation Program” in their last years of medical school to help in the emergency ward, earning them money and credits towards their Doctors degree.


Is the Pride of our Intellectual Nation and the Investment of our Future. Government needs to do more; by adapting ‘The Educational System’, as part of ‘Our Nations Constitutional Standard’. The first 12 years of our educational system to be free. There-after, government must provide descent and adequate standards of affordability towards Tuition & Book fees; by assisting students and absorbing excessive costs as part of our investment towards our Nations future.

Child Day Care:

Job Creation Proposal for University students-by introducing child care academic classes as part of their studies. The ‘University Child Day Care Program’ would be part of the University curriculum-certifying students while helping them with part time jobs and directly focusing on their educational studies-providing a service and saving Parents up to 40% on monthly Day Care expenses.

Auto Insurance:

Proposal to create a non profit ‘Auto Insurance Company’ on behalf of Ontario residents governed by the Province of Ontario. 1) Introduce a shareholders Union-the Clients themselves. 2) Create security parameters to control market manipulation. 3) Introduce restrictions by opposing insurers not to undermine the Company. 4) Insure private vehicles only-no commercial vehicles. 5) Divide policies into three categories, low, medium & high risk by age groups. 6) Include drivers record & claims record. 7) Use the company’s genuine statistics to reflect premium price for the following year. Strategy = Job Creation, Lower premiums 20 - 40% and affordable insurance rates.

The Family Court System: It doesn’t work

Proposal: Replace it with Arbitration for a maximum period of 1 year, if there is no resolution between the feuding parties (generally parents). Form a two judge ‘Judicial Panel’ working separately to render a non bias judgment which must resolve the issues within a 6 month period and get rid of the bureaucratic lawyers which deliberately prolong the judicial process.

Family Values:

The unity of family in Ontario is on the decline, separation and divorce is a common thing today and kids suffer. It also has a negative effect on our society’s future. I would like to implement a re-structuring program to help families resolve their internal issues and keep Ontario families united. The problem is: The social bureaucratic system: The Lawyers, The Agencies and The Courts are all too quick to separate families and their property apart. With your support, I will call for 30-90 day “Zone Free Reforms” prohibiting these bureaucratic systems from getting involved.

Gang Graffiti:

Painting on people’s homes, garage doors, factory walls and commercial trucks without permission is vandalism and creates a bad image of our communities. The costs for clean up can be enormous. Proposal: Reward program for informers and for abusers who stop. If convicted for the 1st time, kids need to be put on a 1 - 3 month rehabilitation program to clean up graffiti covered walls throughout the city. Compensate them with cash reward upon completion of the program and no criminal record for first time offenders. Kids are kids, we just need to teach them better social skills.

Professional Accountability:

In most cases “we can trust” certified professionals in Ontario, but we do need revised reforms of accountability. While credentials do not ensure honesty, ‘they do set standards for our society to rely on’. The Licensing Commission must take more appropriate measures revoking the license of Doctors, Lawyers and Therapists when they betray their position of honesty.

Changes to Criminal Code:

I will encourage reforms to change our handling of domestic issues. ”He Said, She Said” discourses without back-up is simply unfair, when allegations are sometimes fabricated by opposing parties with wilful and deceiving intensions. The system is labelling decent human beings with criminal records and that is unfair.

Judicial Accountability:

Reform proposals to hold Judges accountable when they fail at their duties. We do have good Judges serving in our judicial system, but there have been a few bad examples of irresponsible Judges abusing their judicial powers. Judicial appointments for life; leads to a Dictatorship System in a Democratic Society and that is unacceptable. My Proposal: “A Judicial Demerit Point System” 3 strikes and they are out.

Consumer Protection Program:

Four hour introduction program for ‘new’ Drivers license applicants who are not familiar with the mechanical operations of a motor vehicle and may find themselves at the mercy of auto repair services. This program would allow a better understanding in theory and practice the operational workings of a motor vehicle; how to check the many different fluid levels, oils, coolants, braking system, changing flat tires and other safety systems-saving hundreds of dollars of unnecessary spending every year for families in Ontario.

Environmental Issues:

Promoting youth awareness for a green ‘Eco System’ and encouragement to develop science & technology research for future recycling programs.

The Poor, Hungry and Homeless:

Government needs to do more: Proposal to create an educational job sponsorship program by encouraging them to be participants in neighbourhood services, such as maintaining our parks, cleaning our streets and helping with recycling programs.

Fair Justice for All:

Reforms to make ‘The Government System’ accountable for its injustice. If you are a victim and had your rights abused by ‘The System’, I would like to hear your story and see if I can help you.