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Save Our was founded by Mark Jagg in 2007 during his personal experience with The Family Court System. After 20 + appearances in Family Court, he realized that Children needed to be protected not only from bad family situations but also from: The Family Court System itself. In view, the family court Judges were not doing their jobs as we would assume, also the Lawyers were deliberately complicating matters while prolonging the judicial process for financial gain, It was obvious no one was correcting the Judicial System Abuse.

I had heard other people’s horrific stories in the past, but it had never dawned on me before that ‘The Family Court System’ which we should trust, was bias, one sided, humanly ignorant, un-justified, and “not” in the best interest of the children. Their resolution to resolving serious matters were at a turtles pace, and any evidence produced by reliable agencies which they depend on-was being ignored. At the same time, their judicial obligations were ‘not’ being fulfilled.

On Feb. 19, 2007, a Family Court Judge awarded custody of 7 year old Katelynn Sampson to her adaptive parent’s without a question about, whether they had a criminal history, a drug history or a job. Six month later the 7 year was beaten to death by the adapted parents and no one was willing to do anything about it. That is when I realized, that Save Our Children. Ca would be a voice on behalf of the 7 year old little girl that needed to be protected from The Family Court System itself, and I would be the one to make that change, as deep emotions came over me.

I never knew Katelynn Sampson, but I wish I did, because I would have adopted her myself to save her life. I also happen to be in that very court room that day when Madam Justice Debra Paulseth un-caringly awarded that child to her executers.

We do have good Judges in place, but some Judges have become false Gods among Us, dictating the limits of our freedom and liberty and we have no choice in the matter, but to accept their un-justified decisions and if anyone dares to demonstrate against The System, be assured that they will retaliate against the revolt. This is the more reason why we need ‘Judicial Accountability’, because there is “No Accountability” for The Systems when it commits in-Justice.

A Family Court Judge earns $ 230,000+ per year and their job appointment is for life or whenever they decide to retire..? Judicial Accountability is a must and job appointment for life is a Dictatorship System in a Democratic Society, and that is Un-Acceptable. I am proposing a Judicial Demerit Point System, 3 strikes and they are out. The death of Katelynn Sampson was worth 3 strikes…that Judge is still serving on the bench.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect our children and Family values from this Judicial System of Failure. If you or anyone you know have had bad experiences with The Family Court System in Ontario. I would like to hear your story and perhaps post it on the web-if you wish and Use the Evidence to call for reforms, and hold The System accountable for their in-Justice on behalf of the Families in Ontario, because we truly Love Our Children.

Note: On two separate occasions Mark Jagg has introduced a petition to hold judges accountable to the Ontario Parliament on behalf of with a letters of response from the Attorney Generals Office. In brief the political system won't do anything for you or me, unless we form a union of citizen electors and make your vote count towards those that support us.

Email me with your name and municipal district. I'll inform you who supports us.


These are my two Daughters Victoria and Aleksandra. My children are my inspiration

written by mark jagg