Is a writer in the nature of Physics and has dedicated most his life to Scientific Studies. He pursued History, Philosophy, Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, at the same time venturing in Business and Politics. Inspired by imagination, his curiosity began at a young age with part time ideas, small experiments and plenty of naivety.

By the age of 19, he had encountered great, but inconclusive evidence; on how the Universe might work. To better explain comprehension, he formulated: ‘The Equation of Natural Physics’ 

This new mathematics would represent the most common law of Science: Energy in a Pure state cannot be Created or Destroyed: The symbols (+) & (-) identified the two Energy elements in their separate and natural state: The Electromagnetic (+) Force & 0°Kelvin (-) Force. Now he had to figure out; what these two separate Pure Energy elements> Transforms into..? This answer would be the Holy Grail.

By his own curious nature and the realization of great discovery; Mark Jagg was determined to devote the rest of his life to a very specific area of theoretical studies: The precise comprehension of the term Energy. In that same year as the newspapers reported, Mark had claimed nature's possibilities within human impossibility-it was that very nature which led him to this most significant discovery.

In Brief: he had claimed the term "Perpetual Motion" should not relate to the in-ability of human ingenuity. But, rather to the laws of nature which govern the physical Universe, and that the term perpetual motion was possible. He continued working on experimental theories, while building proto-type models. At the same time he focused his attention towards past scientific history, searching for clues where Scientific Observation may have been overlooked.

He discovered numerous errors in the scientific past, 1) The term Energy had not been properly identified-by separate states of dimensional existence, 2) The Electromagnetic Spectrum had not been acknowledged as a Dimensional existence, 3) The state of 0°Kelvin had not been viewed as a Force, only as Temperature. Mark Jagg realized these were big scientific mistakes and more discoveries were about to unfold.

Within a few years he had reached partial success, but was still unable to fully express the true Equational meaning of complex mathematics, while his skills gradually progressed, he began understanding. By the 1990's while making significant progress into other intended discoveries, Mark Jagg had begun to master this new mathematical Equation, as it continued to testify to its phenomenal abilities, but there was still much more work ahead to accomplish.

The many years of personal dedication researching in private studies had disciplined his extreme excitement, as he realized the inevitable outcome of these new scientific conclusions. He was about to find out-how the Universe works. Mark states: “As for the glory within, I could not share with anyone, such were the silent emotions of great obsession, and besides-who would understand me anyway”. On March 21st 1998, the very moment, I discovered these two working Equations, “through a mysterious presence by intuition”. How else could I express what I felt, I immediately realized what it all meant, as result I could not sleep for three glorious days. I was consumed by a hidden glory of disbelief…The Realm of Reality.


Mark Jagg is a Canadian Citizen and Ontario resident for the past 40 years. In the past 12 years he has been an active participant engaged in many local and provincial issues. The past 4 years, he had been assisting community leaders in different areas of government.

My reason for getting involved in elective politics: I understand the political process, and I strongly believe that I can improve the quality of life for Ontario residents. We need people with real approaches, not bureaucratic politicians.

My goal is to simplify the Bureaucracy and bring back Democracy in this complex system of government-which has taken our freedom and liberty by a social network of bureaucratic politicians, and have made simple procedures too complex for common people to understand.

Over the years, Mark Jagg has been active in assisting and supporting Davenport residents, canvassing for elections, organizing award presentations, attending multi-cultural events, participating in flag raising ceremonies, community seminar presentations, organizing protests and demonstrations, dealing with door to door petitions for electric trains, instead of diesel trains. This petition was instrumental in reversing the government’s position to “Hybrid Trains” for Metro Links.

Mark Jagg is also the founder and chair of “Save Our Children.Ca”, which demonstrated against the Family Court System in 2007 on behalf of 7 year old Katelyn Sampson who lost her life, because the family court Judge had failed her judicial duties. In 2011, he pursued a political position with The Ontario Provincial Parliament based on knowledge and experience to resolve issues of importance for Ontario Residents.

Mark Jagg’s Reforms are;

• The Economy • Health Care • Education
• Equal Rights • Family Court System • Changes to Criminal Code
• Judicial Accountability • Family Values • Environmental Issues
• Consumer Protection Program • Turf Gang Graffiti • Bicycle Awareness Program
• Fair Justice • Professional Accountability

Who is Mark Jagg?

• An Activist • Organizer • Community Leader
• Experienced in Provincial Politics • Knows How to Get Things Done • Familiar with How Queens Park Works

I am a strong believer in “Equal Rights” regardless of gender. I am a supporter of Human Rights and believe that Ontario represents a leading example, where equal rights are best assured among our diverse and multi-cultural communities: we are on the right track-racism hurts everyone.

My Platform is: to strip down the Bureaucracy and bring back Democracy through my Reform Proposals. The focus is on Education, Health Care & Economy.

A Better Democracy: The Parliament of Ontario should consider to dissolve 'The Party System' and introduce an 'Independent System', this would be a more efficient and accountable Government serving the needs of the people.

Every 4 years Ontario residents have the opportunity to elect a new government. Voting for the right candidate improves the social system of health care, environment, job security, schools, neighborhood and the future of this Country.

According to statistics 60% of the people are not voting. Therefore, if you are expecting the future to get better anytime soon; It won’t, unless you vote for your own future.

It is important to recognize that all opposing parties are influential and should be important to you as well, the reason being; they do keep each other in check, and that no party should be a full majority government; the powers must balance in the best interest of the people.

Mark’s 12 years experience has allowed him to understand provincial politics and how to better resolve issues of importance for the residents of Davenport as an independent candidate.

Independent Candidates: are adaptable, accessible, versatile and associate themselves with any ruling party. Mark Jagg is knowledgeable, experienced, straight- forward and he will get the job done for you. He understands how Queens Park works.